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How to light a campfire

Not many things beat a crackling campfire. But always remember that fires should be handled with great respect at all times, especially out in nature. 🔥👇

How to

1.  Find a good location 
(we recommend a fire pit)

2.  Start finding dry grass and birch bark to light the fire with (or do like us - collect it during hiking!)

3.  Go and find bigger, dead logs lying on the ground

4.  Start your fire by scraping your fire steel towards the tinder to get sparks

5.  Once burning - get the smaller sticks and start building your pit. Once the fire grows, build with bigger and bigger sticks until the fire is as big as you want it to be

6.  Cosy up! And remember to always, always keep water nearby!

Watch this video for more detailed guidance!


Always keep in mind

1.  Never light a fire on a cliff. It can crack from the heat, leaving a permanent mark that never heals

2.  Put out your fire thoroughly

3.  Make sure your fire is completely dead before leaving it

4.  Always have water available

5.  Enjoy every second! The soothing sounds of crackling wood and the warmth along with the almost magical effects of an open fire are honestly unbeatable.