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Trouser guide

Our trouser guide will help you to find outdoor trousers that fit you and your adventure perfectly. Our assortment of trousers has got something for everyone; whether you're going out hiking, fishing or bear wrestling.

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Jacket guide

Our Jacket Guide will help you find the perfect jacket for your next adventure. From lightweight shells to warm, insulated down jackets or hiking jackets; we have jackets suitable for any occasion.

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Layering Guide

Whether you're climbing mountains, wrestling with bears or walks the dog, we have the perfect clothes for your adventures! Learn how to stay warm with these simple tricks!

Layering Guide  

Winter Weather Guide

Playing in the snow means that you will be wet and cold. Therefore, choose an outer layer that keeps the moisture out and an insulating layer that retains your body heat.

Winter Weather Guide  

Size Guide

Getting the right size matters. Learn how to measure for sizing success before ordering our hiking, trekking and other outdoor activity clothes.

Size Guide  

Clothing Care

So you bought some outdoor clothes - now what? Find out how to wash, dry, impregnate and care for your gear to make it last as long as possible.

Clothing care