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Kungsleden: Kvikkjokk to Ammarnäs

28 September 2022

The least hiked and most challenging part of Kungsleden, expect uneven terrain here! You will need to camp for parts of this hike as there are not always mountain cabins or stations available. Reindeer husbandry is in effect here, so be respectful of the area. Before Sjnulttjie, you pass the bird sanctuary of Tjålmejaure. Some parts of the year, usually May – August, the sanctuary is restricted, and you are not allowed to leave the designated trail.

Quick Facts 

Total distance:
165 km. 

Hiking days:
8 days, 4-12 hours hiking per day. 

Length of sections:
13-31 km per day. 

Hiking sections between Kvikkjokk and Ammarnäs 

Kvikkjokk to Tsielekjåhkå 

Length: 15 km
Hiking time: 5-7 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

From Kvikkjokk, you need to take a boat over Lake Sakkat. There are no rowing boats available here. During the high season, the boat departs twice daily, one time in the morning and once in the afternoon.  

The hike itself goes through low mountains, coniferous forests, and mountain birch forests. There is accommodation available at Tsielekjåkkstugan. This is not an STF cabin but is managed by STF. 

Tsielekjåhkå to Piteälven 

Length: 19 km
Hiking time: 7-9 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

The day starts with an easy hike over the Björkalfjället. The trail passes through the Suoŋergårsså ravine and then at the diverge, head west. You then pass the impressive Goabddábakte rock face. Finally, you will enjoy a walk through a mountain birch forest. There are no cabins for overnight stays, but plenty of good sites to pitch a tent! 

Piteälven to Gásakláhko 

Length: 19 km
Hiking time: 7-9 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

Your hike starts along the shore of Lake Tjieggelva. After a few kilometres, the trail turns up towards the mountain, and you will walk about a kilometre on the mountain itself. Hikers are advised to be careful in bad weather. Gásakláhko is high up and can be a good place to camp, as no cabins are available here.  

Jäkkvik to Adolfström 

Length: 22 km
Hiking time: 9-10 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

The day starts with hiking through a mountain birch forest, up the north slope of the mountain Pieljekaise. After the highest point of the route, about 800m above sea level, you will hike into Pieljekaise National Park. The last stretch down to Adolfström is on a dirt road, and there is a café and cabin accommodation when you reach Adolfström.

Adolfström to Sjnulttjie  

Length: 31 km
Hiking time: 10-12 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

This stage is long, so you can shorten the hike between Adolfström and Bäverholmen by taking the boat. This boat is privately run and needs to be pre-booked. 

Once you reach Sjnulttjie, there is a picnic hut and rest house, however, a few kilometres before the rest house, the trail enters the Tjålmejaure bird sanctuary. Access here is temporarily prohibited for some of the summer, as so not to disturb the birds. You can still walk through via Kungsleden, but all dogs must be on a lead, and you must not stray from the trail. 

How do I get there?

To Kvikkjokk

Go by train to Murjek. Then take the bus to Jokkmokk and change to the bus to Kvikkjokk. 

To Ammarnäs

Take the train to Umeå or Östersund. From Umeå, go bus to Lyksele. From Lyksele, change to the bus to Sorelse and then finally, take the bus to Ammarnäs. From Östersund, you can take the bus to Sorsele and then the bus to Ammarnäs.