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A Responsible Race

“Nature will remain our playground” only if we act jointly and urgently.

At RevolutionRace we strive to be an attractive employer and act socially and environmentally responsible. We call it “A Responsible Race”. We recognize that we are not perfect. We are humble about our achievements, and we know we can become more sustainable. We promise to be open about our challenges and continue to improve. We make our products as durable as possible. We create very little waste, and to ensure customer safety we adhere to strict chemical guidelines. We focus on the well-being and development of our employees. We work to ensure the social responsibility of our suppliers.  We work systematically to decrease our environmental impact by measuring our CO2 emissions and working actively to reduce them.

icon-checkmark-white.svg Durable and safe products
icon-checkmark-white.svg Inspired employees
icon-checkmark-white.svg Social responsibility in our supply chain
icon-checkmark-white.svg Climate protection
icon-checkmark-white.svg Circularity of resources
icon-checkmark-white.svg Environmental responsibility in our supply chain