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Xtreme H2o

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Technical Specification

Functional garments need to be maintained to retain their properties. Treat your functional garments with RevolutionRace fluorocarbon-free impregnation spray to retain water and dirt repellency while maintaining breathability. The advanced DWR formula works on most materials to improve the water-repellent properties of your outdoor clothing.


  1. Clean the garment
  2. Apply evenly over the entire garment at a distance of 20 cm
  3. Let dry

Xtreme H2O Repel Spray fits the following models:
Adrenaline Jeans
Bouncer High Waist Jeans
Crisp Jacket
Crisp Trousers
Cyclone 2.0 Jacket
Cyclone Trousers
Daybreak Trousers
Explorer Jeans
Flow Jacket
RVRC GP Trousers
RVRC GP Pro Zip-Off Trousers
RVRC GP Pro Trousers
RVRC GP Pro 2.0 Jacket 
RVRC GP Pro Rescue Trousers
HiBall Jacket
HiBall Trousers
Hurricane Jacket
Hybrid 2.0 Jacket
Hyper Jacket
Hyper Pro Trousers
Monsoon Jacket
Nordwand Trousers
Nordwand Pro Zip-Off Trousers
Nordwand Pro Trousers
Nordwand Pro Rescue Trousers
Pusher Jeans
Silence Pro Trousers
Silence Pro Zip-Off Trousers
Silence ProShell Jacket
Silence ProShell Trousers
Summit Outdoor Tights
Twisted Outdoor Jeans
Whisper Jacket
Whisper Trousers

Designed for All-round
Weight: 80g
Designed for: All-round
Article number: 10157_8100

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