We reserve the right for errors in text, pictures and prices.


Shipping is free.


You have the right to make an exchange or return within 30 days.


It is free to use the enclosed return label for exchanges. First exchange is free then there is a shipping fee of 6€/change if customer wants to make further changes. The return package has to be submitted to your post office. If the chosen item is out of stock it will be handled as a return. Check that the item you want to switch to is in stock and please indicate 3 exchange options. All exchanges must be made within 30 days after purchase.


All returns are free of charge when using the prepaid return label. Please fill in the return form correct. ALL return packages must be submitted at your post office. Save your receipt with the return shipment number given to you by your agent when you file the return package.


We guarantee that we have the best prices on our products or else we stand for the difference if you show us a valid receipt.


It is 100% safe to shop with us.


Invoice payment - Shop now - Pay after delivery!
(Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany)

When paying via Klarna Invoice it’s safe and easy. You never need to provide your credit card details, and always pay after you receive your goods. 14 day invoice is free and extended invoice is 29sek.

Klarna Invoice

Klarna account - Pay only 50 sek/month!

The payment for those who want to choose how much to pay each month. But Klarna account is more than that. Besides that you always get your goods before you pay, you collect all your purchases on one account. This applies even if you've shopped in other stores that use Klarna Account. That means a single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.

Klarna Account

Direct debit - Direct debit from your bank

Card payment - of course you can pay with your credit card


We at Fritidsfabriken want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, therefor we offer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase you can return your items to us within 30 days and get your money back. The items has to be unused and all the tags need to remain on the garments. Otherwise the right to exchange/buy-back is not valid.


Sweden - Please choose which delivery agent you prefer, DHL or Postnord. Delivery time is 1-3 working days in Sweden. For faster delivery, choose Express order 49 sek. (Sweden only, working days)

* Shipments within Sweden is 19 sek.

Delivery time to all countries below is 4-7 working days. 

* Shipments to Finland is 2 Euros.
* Shipments to Norway is 19 nok.
* Shipments to Denmark is 19 dkk.
* Shipments to Germany is 2 Euros.
* All other E.U. countries is 2 Euros.

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver to Aland (AX) for now.


Exchange or return: Pay the invoice or postpone the expiration date at Klarna. Fritidsfabriken is not responsible for delayed payment penalties. Processing time on returns is 3-5 days.


Clearly and legibly fill out what you want to switch to on the return form. Stick the pre-paid return label properly on the package and submit it at your post office. Packages mailed directly in a mailbox will not get to us and you will not be repayed by Fritidsfabriken. If the item you want to switch to is out of stock the order will be handled as a return. Please indicate 3 exchange options on the return form.


We apply a 30 day return policy, which takes effect from the date you received your order.All returns are free. Tick refund on the return form and stick the pre-paid return label properly on the package and submit it at your post office. Packages MUST NOT be mailed directly in a mailbox, MUST be submitted at your post office. The customer is responsible for goods returned, please pack properly. The conditions that must be met for a return to be approved and free of charges are: Fritidsfabriken receives the item in its original condition, the item is unused and all labels are still attached. If you choose to use your right to withdraw, we will fully refund you for your return within 10 days. If the conditions are not met by the customer, we will charge a cost for a not approved return.

Sweden 150 sek 
Finland 16 euro
Norway 150 nok
Denmark 150 dkk
Germany 16 euro

England 13 pounds 


If you have a defect garment, please contact our customer service.

The labels/tags must remain on the garments and the items must be unused, otherwise the exchange / withdrawal is not valid. We stand for the return shipping cost when you send back an approved claim with defect items. The customer is responsible for the goods that is returned - so pack well. We do not accept shipments sent cash on delivery. If you use your right to withdraw we will pay you back for the items within 10 days.


If you regret your purchase you must collect the package from the post office and send it back. If the package is not collected, it will automatically be registered as non-collected package and we will charge you for a handling cost of:

Sweden 149 sek.
Finland 16 euro.
Norway 149 nok.
Denmark 149 dkk.
Germany 16 euro.

England 13 pounds

Delayed returns will be charged with a handling cost.

Sweden 200 sek.
Finland 22 euro.
Norway 200 nok.
Denmark 200 dkk.
Germany 22 euro.
England 19 pounds


Finland: FO-number 2826713-7 

Denmark: DK12906064