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Our Planet

Climate change is an urgent global challenge

Limiting global warming is one of the most urgent tasks the world is facing. Science shows the world must half the emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. This is a tremendous task to be accomplished with governmental regulations, business leadership, unseen innovations, and large-scale industry initiatives.


RevolutionRace will continue to be part of the solution

We have teamed up with an expert consultancy and measured our emissions. We have measured our emissions in our own operations, and in our value chain, which is the emissions from the production of our products, transportation, and shipment to our customers.

Climate-neutral in our own operations by 2023

We are proud that our emissions from our own operations are already very low. 17t CO2e! The reasons are obvious: For the size of our business, we work with few employees and don’t need a lot of office space. It was only 8 years ago that our garage was big enough. Most of our employees live in Borås, where our office is, and from 2021 we only use renewable electricity. We sell everything online and don’t have any retail stores needing light and heating. That does not mean, we can’t do it better. We promise to become climate neutral in our own operations.


Emissions in our value chain

Our transparency work shows that almost 100% of our emissions are outside our own operations. They come from extracting raw materials, spinning yarn, weaving fabrics, colouring them, and sewing clothes. They also come from transporting our products from the factories to our warehouses and to our customers. We are working to reduce these emissions.



Our emissions 2020/2021 Ton CO2e %
Scope 1 7 0.0
Scope 2 10 0.1
Scope 3 15,475 99.9
      Sourced products and services 12,233 79.9
      Transport to warehouses 2,417 15.6
      Transport to customers 905 5.2
Other 19 0.1
Total emissions 15,492 100.0
Total emissions/net revenue
(Ton CO2e/SEKm)


This is what we do:

Suppliers on renewable energy
We give priority to suppliers using renewable energy and having high energy efficiency.

Low impact materials
Explore and introduce materials with lower emissions.

Sea, truck, and train transportation
We prioritize transportation with a lower environmental impact.

Warehousing on renewable energy 
We moved to a new warehouse running on renewable energy.

Lower returns
We systematically work on reducing our returns, combining our great customer feedback with the newest technology.

Only produce what we can sell
We are really good at only producing what our customers want. We keep it up every day!