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Our People

The RevolutionRace family grew a lot…

timeline-2014.png timeline-2016.png
Pernilla and Niclas produced their first pants and were overwhelmed by 859 customer reviews 5 employees that are all still with us and 15 170 customer reviews
timeline-2018.png timeline-2020.png timeline-today.png
19 employees and 77 149 customer reviews 46 Employees and 207 237 customer reviews 100+ Employees and 549,299 customer reviews

Celebrating together

At RevolutionRace, we have a strong tradition of shared celebrations and organized team events. Every time we achieve something special as a team, all employees get to vote on a special celebration. These votes have led to us skiing and hiking in Sweden, travelling to Italy, and acquiring a table tennis table and a play station for the office. We are currently voting on our next big trip. The past year was low on celebrations with a lot of work being conducted from home following Covid-19, and we look forward to being able to meet and celebrate again. We kept our team spirit high with two step challenges in which teams competed against one another on how many steps they took during this period.